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Data recovery from digital media. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS


Our company specializes in data recovery from hard drives and any other data carriers, also in repairing information storage devices. Our ApexDataLAb is located in Saint-Petersburg, but thanks to our well-organized courier service we can provide our services all over the Russian Federation.

ApexDataLab means:

  • Professional data recovery equipment from any data carrier
  • Years of experience in data recovery
  • Complete data privacy
  • Courier service all over Russian Federation
  • Reasonable prices
  • Provided service guarantee
Remember! If you dont own necessary experience and precise understanding of the problem, do not try to recover the drive yourself. Just turn it off and dont use it. After that bring the data carrier to our lab and we will recover the data from it or will repair the carrier itself.

You can find the estimated prices for our services below. If you can¨t find something or simply got lost in the table – give us a call and we will provide you with personalised information.

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

Data recovery from HDD/SDD drives Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of drive malfunction free
Computer cannot identify the proper capasity of memory 2000
Connector replacement 1000
Data recovery after formatting 1500
Data recovery after deleting 1500
Motor failure 2500
Hard drive is knocking (horning, overheating) 2000
Data recovery from the disc 1500
File system failure 1800
Fixing the jammed spindle 2500
Drive recovery after mechanical damaging 1200
Recover the drives service information 1500
Replacement or fixing the drive controller 1500
Data recovery from the Flash card Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of Flash card free
Computer doesn´t identify the memory capacity 800
Cant get access to data 1200
Recover deleted data 1500
Recover formatted data 1200
Operating system doesn´t detect the Flash card 1200
card connector replacement 1000
after the moisture hits 1500
Data recovery from SD card, micro SD card and others Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Damage diagnotics free
Computer doesn´t identify card´s proper memory capacity 1500
Cant access the data 1500
Data recovery after formatting 1200
Data recovery after deleting 1000
Operation system or device doesn´t recognize the card 1200
Can´t be recognized the proper card´s memory capacity 1200
File system failure (needs formatting) 1000
Fixing damaged translator 1500

Reasons for contacting our service regarding data recovery:

All contact reasons can be categorised :

  • Programmming. This type of reason includes the random deletion of files from the carrier, other file rewrite with the same name, carrier formatting, viruses etc.
  • Mechanical. This type of reason includes the physical damage caused by hit or the throw of the device, moisture hit, damage of the carrier caused by overheating, magnetic radiation, power surge etc.
  • Hardware. This type of reason includes damage caused not by user itself but for instance factory fault and devices physical wear.

Working arrangement:

  • Call us or come straight to our lab. You can sign up at a convenient time. Consulting with our specialist will help you to understand the options, terms and cost of the service. In most cases, we can make an initial diagnosis immediately.
  • Diagnosis is free of charge. Diagnostics allow to determine the exact (final) cost of the service and the period of realization. This is the most important phase of work.
  • Agreeing on time and deadlines. We always notify our customer of the final price of our service. You will have no unexpected surprises after getting offered services.
  • Data recovery or device repair. We always keep our clients informed of the work progress. Our specialists are always in touch.
  • Retrieved data can be verified remotely. And on the restored devices we can give a guarantee (determined individually)
  • Full payment of our services is required only when the final work is done

If you seek help from our data recovery lab in Saint Petersburg, we assure you that you will get positive result!

The USB-drive is not recognized by your computer and there is your project, quartely report or a course? We will help you to recover tha information!

We work in a convenient for you schedule. And our couriers can pick up and bring back your device anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Our contacts:

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

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