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Data recovery from digital media. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS

Data recovery from the smartphone

The ApexDataLab provides the data recovery services from your phones on Android and Ios operationg systems.

We work with:

  • Phones internal memory
  • SD memory cards
  • USB-drives via OTG technology.
You have deleted/lost/damaged the data? Immediately turn off the phone and bring it to our lab. There´s no chance to come in person? Our courier will come at any time convenient for you to any town of Russian Federation.

Our contacts:

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

We provide:

  • Full data privacy
  • Professional equipment
  • Years of experience
  • Reasonable prices
  • Work guarantee

Восстановление данных с телефона Цена, руб.
  От До
Диагностика бесплатно
Восстановление данных с внутренней памяти телефона
через доступ к файловой системе(рутирование)
2500 3500
Восстановление данных с невключающегося телефона через
интерфейс jtag
4500 5500
Восстановление данных с невключающегося телефона через
выпаивание микросхемы памяти и считывание дампа
6000 7000
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Reasons for contacting

The most common reason for contacting us is:

  • Random deleting of data photo, document, video, local message history in messengers etc.
  • Physical damage of the smartphone which led to inability to extract the data from internal memory. Also if the phone is dead
  • The damaging of memory card due to physical impact or factory fault.
  • Other cases

Our contacts:

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

How to restore the data from the smartphone

First of all it is necessary to make sure the location of the needed data, on the internal memory or on the Micro SD memory card.

Memory cards can only be used on Android based devices, Apple doesnt provide that possibility yet

Important! It is not desired trying to restore the data by the help of multiple WEB-sites. Most of them can lead to the complete data loss. If your data is important then better contact the professionals who are recovering and restoring data from other carriers for many years daily.

Depending on the situation in many cases it will be necessary to mount an image for the memory chip device. For that you will need special equipment and not the simple ”recovery programs” from the internet. Only thing you need to do is contact us and we will return your missing data.

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