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Data recovery from digital media. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS

Data recovery from memory cards

ApexDataLAb is professional data recovery from micro SD-cards and other carriers.

Our courier service! In any town of Russian Federation. If information needs to be quickly retrieved, you can use our courier service.

We provide:

  • Full privacy of your data and information
  • Professional memory card data recovery equipment
  • Courier service
  • Reasonable prices
  • Work guarantee

Our contacts:

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

Data recovery from SD card, micro SD card and others Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Damage diagnotics free
Computer doesn´t identify card´s proper memory capacity 1500
Cant access the data 1500
Data recovery after formatting 1200
Data recovery after deleting 1000
Operation system or device doesn´t recognize the card 1200
Can´t be recognized the proper card´s memory capacity 1200
File system failure (needs formatting) 1000
Fixing damaged translator 1500

Remember! If you have accidentally deleted important data (photo, video, document etc.) and you don´t have necessary understanding of the problem and action algorithm for its solving-immediately turn off the device where this micro SD is located, Then contact the professionals. In this case the possibility of recovering data will be bigger.

Reasons for contacting us:

The following reasons most often lead clients to our laboratory for retrieving information from microSD memory cards.

  • Data deleting (photo, video, document, local messaging, social media messaging etc.)
  • Memory card formatting
  • Memory card malfunction due to the factory fault (most recently on cards with unknown manufacturer)
  • Memory card malfunction due to the physical damage caused by owner
  • File system failure
  • Memory card is not identified by the computer
  • Other cases
Your memory card cannot be identified by computer, smartphone, or camera? Contact our service center and we will fix it or recover data on it.

What causes the need of data recovery on Micro SD-memory card

First of all it is the damage of the memory chip itself, which can be caused by:

  • File system malfunction due to misuse of memory card  ( misextraction) or factory fault
  • The damage of memory chip  due to the physical impact (burn out, broken, electro magnetic impact, thermal factor) or factory fault
  • Random deleting of necessary data (photo, video, document) unsuccessful attempts to recover it with help of WEB
  • Due to the work of Anti virus program or infecting the memory card with virus, which blocked the downloading or opening the file.
  • Reading and rewriting errors caused by malfunction of the Micro SD-card.

For retreating data from damaged memory cards you will need to mount an image for the chip and then work with it. For this kind of procedure the special equipment is required.

Contact our lab to get qualified help. We know how to restore Micro SD!

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