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Data recovery from HDD/SDD drives Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of drive malfunction free
Computer cannot identify the proper capasity of memory 2000
Connector replacement 1000
Data recovery after formatting 1500
Data recovery after deleting 1500
Motor failure 2500
Hard drive is knocking (horning, overheating) 2000
Data recovery from the disc 1500
File system failure 1800
Fixing the jammed spindle 2500
Drive recovery after mechanical damaging 1200
Recover the drives service information 1500
Replacement or fixing the drive controller 1500
Data recovery from the Flash card Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of Flash card free
Computer doesn´t identify the memory capacity 800
Cant get access to data 1200
Recover deleted data 1500
Recover formatted data 1200
Operating system doesn´t detect the Flash card 1200
card connector replacement 1000
after the moisture hits 1500
Data recovery from SD card, micro SD card and others Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Damage diagnotics free
Computer doesn´t identify card´s proper memory capacity 1500
Cant access the data 1500
Data recovery after formatting 1200
Data recovery after deleting 1000
Operation system or device doesn´t recognize the card 1200
Can´t be recognized the proper card´s memory capacity 1200
File system failure (needs formatting) 1000
Fixing damaged translator 1500

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