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Data recovery from digital media. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS

Data recovery from hard drive

ApexDataLAb- professionally recovers your data from SSD/HDD drives in Saint-Petersburg. Delivery by courier service is possible throughout the Russian Federation.

We have:

  • Professional equipment for data recovery and repairing the damaged hard drives
  • Years of experience in data recovery from multiple carriers
  • Courier service throughout Russian Federation
  • Guarantee for work done in repairing damaged media
  • Professional consulting
  • Free peliminary diagnostics

Our Contacts

Ul. Efimova 1 (in the yard) Map
tel: +7(931)952-43-08

Data recovery from HDD/SDD drives Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of drive malfunction free
Computer cannot identify the proper capasity of memory 2000
Connector replacement 1000
Data recovery after formatting 1500
Data recovery after deleting 1500
Motor failure 2500
Hard drive is knocking (horning, overheating) 2000
Data recovery from the disc 1500
File system failure 1800
Fixing the jammed spindle 2500
Drive recovery after mechanical damaging 1200
Recover the drives service information 1500
Replacement or fixing the drive controller 1500

The cost of services depends on the manufacturer and the nature of the HDD/SSD damage, or the reason for the loss of information.

Important! Do not try to restore the information yourself or disassemble the damaged hard drive. It is important! Turn off the computer or laptop where this hard drive is installed and contact us for professional help. In this case, the probability of successful recovery of the data or the carrier itself will be higher.

Reasons for loss of hard disk information

  • It was deleted/erased or overwritten
  • Hard drive`s damage due to the factory fault or wear
  • Damage to the hard disk drive due to external factors - voltage surge, burned due to power unit, moisture input, cold temperature
  • Overheating due to non-stop operation and poor cooling
  • Impact, fall onto hard surface
  • Appeared clicking, crunching or scrolling-sounds
  • Other problems

Ask for professional help from our lab and you will get back the working hard drive with all needed data!

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