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Data recovery from digital media. Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS

Data recovery from USB-drive in Saint-Petersburg

ApexDataLab-is a long-term experience of recovering data from USB flash drives and other data carriers.

Remember! If you find that the information is missing or has been erased, immediately pull the USB drive off the device so that the data cannot be  overwritten. This will increase the chances of full information recovery and reduce the cost of the service.

We provide:

  • Full data privacy
  • Courier service all over Russian Federation
  • Professional data recovery equipment
  • Work guarantee
  • Reasonable prices.

Our contacts

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

Data recovery from the Flash card Price in RUB
  prices starting from:
Diagnostics of Flash card free
Computer doesn´t identify the memory capacity 800
Cant get access to data 1200
Recover deleted data 1500
Recover formatted data 1200
Operating system doesn´t detect the Flash card 1200
card connector replacement 1000
after the moisture hits 1500

Most frequent reasons for contacting us

  • The file was accidentally deleted
  • The file was overwritten with other file (same name and format)
  • The USB-drive was formatted
  • The USB-drive cant be identified by computer. In this case make sure that the reason is not the computer itself
  • Antivirus program has deleted important data
  • Viruses have damaged the data
  • The drive was physically damaged (broken, moisture hit, burn out etc.)
  • Factory fault
  • Reading or writing errors

Our contacts

Ul. Efimova 1 (entry in the yard)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel. +7 (931)952-43-08

What Data recovery from USB-drive exactly means?

The most common reason to contact us is physical damage of the USB-drive, the result can be not only inability of detecting it by computer or notebook, but the disappearing the data, or it can display an error message during its opening/overwrite/copying.

In this case the advices from internet will not be enough. Here the special equipment is required which can restore the memory chip and extract the necessary data from it.

We can restore your:

  • Photo and vIdeo
  • Important documents and reports
  • Music files and instrumentals
  • Other data
Important! Do not try to restore the data yourself with the help of internet advisors. Do it only if you are sure what is the problem and how to solve it. If the data is important it is better to contact the professionals.

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